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As seen our our 2017 Christmas concept tree, these Mid-Century paper ornaments are simply beautiful. We chose a pretty metallic “antique gold” paper for our ornaments, but feel free to get creative with a color palette of your own design! With just a few simple supplies, this project is one of the easiest ways to add some handcrafted elegance to your tree this year, and every.  



  • Paper Papers Metallic Text Weight Paper in Antique Gold
  • Gold Thread
  • Gold Mini Brads


  1. Gather the supplies listed above.
  2. Cut the paper according to the template notes using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Punch a hole in both ends of each strip of paper following the template notes.
  4. Layer the paper with the shortest piece in the middle, the mid length pieces on either side, and the longest pieces on the top and bottom. Then attach them at one end with a brad.
  5. Thread a piece of thread and a brad through each piece of paper on the other end to form the ornament.
  6. Tie the thread on top for hanging.

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