I am so excited to announce our first mini course on smartphone photography called 3 Simple Steps to Great Photos with Your Smartphone. This 3-part video series is free for all of our members. Furthermore, it includes all of my best tips and tricks to get the best photos with your smartphone!

It’s a Snap

I have to admit that it is pretty easy to take good pictures with a smartphone these days. The camera capabilities of both Apple phones and Android phones are truly phenomenal! Taking away the technical challenge of photography allows for more thought and attention to three basic design principles that will elevate your photos from just a simple snap to a gorgeous image of your crafted projects. In this smartphone course, I teach you all of my tips for using these three easy steps.

Since we always encourage our crafters to take photos of their projects and tag #MadeWithLia, we thought that many of you would be interested in a smartphone photography course. Plus I always like to share what I know!

If you’re a member, you can get this mini course for free. Not a member yet? Join us now for access to mini courses like this one, crafting templates and tutorials, and more!

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