Sparkler CoversWhen I think about Fourth of July, the things that usually come to mind are barbecues, American flags, and fireworks. It’s a time to kick back and enjoy some classic comfort food. If you are planning your own barbecue, it is always fun to have some sparklers around to light once the sun goes down. Download our Independence Day sparkler covers and matchbox labels to add a little flair to your Fourth of July celebration!

Our sparkler covers are perfect for handing out individual sets of sparklers to each of your guests. Our cute sparkler covers have red and blue stars surrounding a graphic that reads “Light Up the Night” in a pretty script font. The download below includes two choices of designs, one with red stripes and a white background and one with navy stripes with a navy background. Print these onto 8.5 x 11 white card stock for a nice sturdy way to secure your sparklers. Once the covers are printed, you should cut two slits above and below the “Light Up the Night” section to slip your sparklers in. In other words, make your slits right where the striped part meets the center panel. We cut our slits using an x-acto knife to be precise. Cut your slits to a size large enough for the amount of sparklers you want to include in each set.

After you have prepared your sparkler covers, you can set out matchboxes around your party with labels that match the sparkler sets. Print these Light Up the Night matchbox labels onto full sheet label paper and trim each label to size. The labels should fit any standard matchbox size, but we used these white matchboxes! If you want to set out a variety of matchboxes, be sure to also check out our vintage Fourth of July matchbox labels, plus our Celebrate labels. Browse all of our Fourth of July projects for more inspiration and take a look at our membership options to start crafting! Enjoy your Fourth of July! ~ Lia

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