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My home decor tends to change with the seasons. As the sun starts to stream through my windows and spring begins to arrive, I love to add softer tones to my color scheme and playful patterns to mirror the playfulness of the season. I love hosting dinner parties, and designing a spring table each year always inspires me to invite my loved ones over for an evening of relaxation and enjoyment. My goal for this year’s spring table was to create a contrast of femininity with masculinity, and a balance between dark and light. 

When I think about designing my spring table, I first like to incorporate lots of beautiful flowers and greenery to celebrate the blooming season. Adorn your table with a mix of lighter air ferns and deeper green leaves to show abundance and depth as you welcome the warmer weather. I added Vita V Home Maska vases of white hydrangeas and tulips with hints of blush pink, which offered a gorgeous contrast with the greens. To create a geometric element in my greenery, I made a simple centerpiece of artichokes displayed on the Enrico Medium Driftwood Platter. I just love that everything looks so fresh! 

Spring is the transition between winter and summer, so I like to reflect this transition in my colors and tones. The weather is temperate and your senses start to awaken, but it’s not time to pull out the summer clothes yet. For this reason, I like to showcase a beautiful balance between the dark and the light. Choosing the Modus Yosemite Solid Wood table was a great foundation for accomplishing this balance between bold and soft. I then added white Aeon dining chairs to create a feminine accent for the dark chunky table.

Moving to the spring table setting, we used the same concept of contrasting dark and light. For me, charcoals and light greys are perfect for the season, and we attempted to add a variation of the color at every level of the table setting. I absolutely love Hayneedle’s Vinotemp Epicureanist Slate Lazy Susans. They are gorgeous to use as chargers, and you can even write your guest’s names on them with chalk! Next we added some visual texture with the KAF striped napkins. Building out the table setting, I knew I had to include metallics in some way. Charcoal and metallic combinations are very trendy at the moment, and I was so pleased to find the Lenox Place Setting dishware with a gold rim. Playing upon the patterned napkins, I next chose the Mikasa Aurora Dinnerware Set for even more dimension. To finish the spring table place settings, I added KAF Chambray napkins in a complementary light grey, which I tied together with a fine organza ribbon in an ochre color. Of course, because I am a papercrafter at heart, I topped it all off with a leaf cut in a copper metallic paper and a sprig of those delicate air ferns.

No table setting would be complete without elegant stemware, and I was able to find the Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure Bordeaux wine glasses to perfectly match my style of balancing masculine and feminine elements. After I added Schott Ziesel’s beautiful rounded water goblets to the mix, my spring table design was finished. If you are feeling inspired by my spring table, browse all of my DIY home projects to see other ways to freshen up your decor for the season. Also make sure you check out my style board at Hayneedle.  I hope you all enjoy your spring dinner parties! ~ Lia

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