Monogram Door Mat DIYThis week I replaced my worn door mat with this fun DIY stenciled monogram centered inside of a silhouette of deer antlers. This seems perfect for my Pacific Northwest home as the days become wet and windy. I picked up the 24 x 35 inch natural fiber coir mat at Ikea and after searching for a great stencil template, decided to make my own. With a can of silver metallic spray paint, a face mask and some scrap paper to protect my spray surface, I had a new stylish rug within a few minutes. If you want to make your own version of this mat, I have included a template here at the end of the post. There is a page for every letter, so select the initial you want to print. You can print onto card stock and use that as a stencil, or if you want a stiffer version for your spray, trace the template onto a poster board and trim. I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial below to show you just how simple it can be. Enjoy! ~ Lia

DIY Monogram Door MatDoorMatTutorial