Yarn Card

To make this card, you will need yarn and an embroidery needle. Begin by downloading our two yarn card templates below. The first yarn card reads “Happy Mother’s Day!” with an adorable flower. The second card has a classic heart with a message saying “Mom you’re the best!” Because the second yarn card does not specify the occasion, this card would also be great for Mom’s birthday. Simply print these cards onto 8.5 x 11 white cardstock. Next, you will thread your yarn into the card. For younger kids, I would recommend pre-punching the holes a bit using a thumbtack or awl so that the project is easier and safer. Choose any color of thread that you would like to personalize your yarn card. We chose a pretty pink for our heart and a periwinkle purple for the petals of our flower paired with a grassy green for the stem.

To make the yarn card, simply prick the holes with your embroidery needle and thread the yarn through following all the dots on the card. The beauty of this project is that there is no specific technique! The only trick is that you must initially stick your needle through the card from the back and not the front. As long as you follow each hole after this, your card will turn out perfectly. Finish the card by tying off the yarn with single knots on the back of the card. Leave the card as is, or write a personal message in the blank spaces around the yarn! If you would like to slip this card into an envelope, find a pretty A7 sized envelope at your local stationery store.

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Yarn CardYarn CardYarn Card