Feeling a bit of that summer wanderlust? We invite you to embrace those carefree vibes with a stunning Striped Macrame & Wood Bead Wall Hanging. This bohemian beauty is the perfect project to add a touch of global flair to your home, whether channeling your inner beach bum or dreaming of a luxurious safari retreat.

Safari Chic

The beauty of macrame lies in its versatility and simplicity. Using just a few basic knots and some natural materials, you can create stunning pieces of art that add warmth and texture to any space. This Striped Macrame & Wood Bead Wall Hanging is perfect for crafters with some macrame experience under their belt, and its soothing repetition makes it a wonderfully meditative activity.

We adore the striped pattern created by the alternating colors of natural and saffron macrame cord. It adds a touch of whimsy and visual interest to the piece, and the natural wood beads provide a grounding, organic feel. However, don't be afraid to get creative! This project is all about expressing your personal style. Swap out the saffron cord for a bold turquoise or a deep emerald green – the color palette is entirely up to you.

Macrame itself is an art form that's both trendy and timeless. If you’re looking for a little more macramazing projects check out this plant holder, these coasters, or this chic purse!

Once you’re all finished, your Striped Macrame & Wood Bead Wall Hanging hangs on a wooden dowel, making it a breeze to display on any wall in your home. I can see this stunning piece gracing your entryway, adding a warm welcome to your guests. Or picture it hanging above your sofa, bringing a touch of safari chic to your living room.

Knots Used: Square Knot, Square Knot Sinnet and Lark's head Knot

Check out our Mini Course: 15 Macramé Knots for Beginners for help completing the knots for this project!