Recipe_Berry_Sparkling_Mojitos_July_4I didn’t think you could get better than a glass of cold bubbly, champagne or Prosecco in the summer until I came across a similar recipe for a Berry Sparkling Mojito recently. This might be my favorite summer drink ever – not only does it taste amazing, but it looks so pretty how the drink makes a natural ombre in the glass. What more does a girl want from her drink? I adapted the recipe a little to use a agave nectar rather than a refined sugar – because if we are going to have sugars we might as well make them a healthier kind right? I also found a fabulous rum called Rising Tide from local brewers Stowaway which has a light and bright taste that compliments the sparkling wine beautifully. We will be making this summer cocktail for our 4th of July celebrations – had you noticed that our ingredients is red, white and blue? I am imaging it being the starter cocktail to hand to each guest as they arrive. Do stay tuned for our full grown up version of a party kit that will work so perfectly with this glorious little cocktail starter. If you are not a bubbly or rum drinker, you can easily replace it with a sparkling soda or sparkling white juice to make a non alcoholic version. The added muddled mint and berries will make it just as delightful. Pop back later to download and print an editable recipe card for your Fourth of July favorites. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Summer_Sparkling_Mojitos_Berry Recipe_Mojitos_Sparkling_Berry Ingredients_Sparkling_Berry_Mojitos Berry_Sparkling_Mojitos_Red_White_Blue Berry_Sparkling_Mojito_Recipes