As the days warm and the evenings are longer, I have enjoyed preparing my outdoor space for summer gatherings with friends and family. To keep everyone comfortable as long as possible, a stack of cozy blankets and an outdoor fire bowl is going to do the trick. When arranging the seating around the outdoor fire bowl, the first party theme that came to mind was celebrating reconnecting in person was one of our team favorites, the swanky s’more party.


Swank your s’mores

A few years ago, I hosted the first Swanky S’more Party for my team here at LG. We imagined a number of s’mores combinations that pack a little more flavor than your average milk chocolate and marshmallow version. Using outdoor decor items like a galvanized planter stand and concrete planter created a beautiful treat scape on the bar cart. There we arranged a gorgeous array of graham crackers, posh chocolate bars, and swanky toppings for our party. We of course had to find gluten-free graham cracker alternatives to add to the choices. One of the team  favorite swanky s’more combos was a sweet and salty version, which includes a dulce de leche spread with delicious pink salt sprinkled on top. Add a few blueberries and it is divine! We also tried sliced strawberries and chopped pecans – yum, and fresh blueberries with toasted pistachios – double yum.

Want to throw a Swanky S’more party? Below you will find the file to download the food labels, name tags and the pretty invite and matching liner – just download the PDF and Cinzel Decorative Bold (body font). Once you have installed the font, open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or reader and add your own text in the editable fields. You can then print onto card stock and trim. Simple! Grab your favorite toppings, set them out around the fire and have your guests swooning at your swank. Enjoy! ~ Lia