In our studio, we like to make every gift we wrap as pretty and unique as possible. Printing your own paper and tags will make your gift one-of-a-kind. You can browse our library of pretty printable gift wraps for every occasion anytime you are looking for that special touch. Of course every printable gift wrap needs a set of coordinating gift tags, too.

Ready to get wrapping? Print your gift tags on white cardstock. Then trim and punch holes to tie them onto your gifts with twine. Print your terrazzo Valentine’s Day gift wrap onto 11×17 text weight paper for a larger sheet. When you’re done wrapping your Valentine’s Day gifts, you can tie them with a bow before adding the matching tag.

terrazzo Valentine's Day gift tags terrazzo Valentine's Day gift wrap terrazzo Valentine's Day gift wrap with gold XOXO sign and gold hand decor terrazzo Valentine's Day gift wrap with XOXO sign

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