Things We Love JarHey guys! Stephanie here– I handle customer service for all you lovely souls out there, but I mostly just call myself Lia’s personal hype woman. Isn’t she great?! I am taking over today’s post to tell you about the gift that we put together as a team for Lia’s birthday last weekend. As you may have heard, Lia just turned FIFTY. Or as we like to call it, her 20th annual 30th birthday 😉 This is a big birthday, so of course we had to plan a big celebration. We picked up some champagne, a decadent gluten free cake, and a gorgeous gold necklace from Anthropologie (and this was all a surprise!). Because we are who we are, there was no way that we could celebrate such a momentous occasion without something handmade. So taking some inspiration from our Valentine’s Day love notes jar, we made a “things we love about you” jar for our wonderful and talented (and special, and gorgeous, and driven, and generous) boss! We wanted to share it with you because we thought it was a pretty great gift idea that could be used for so many other occasions. 

In honor of her 50th birthday, we compiled a list of 50 things we love about her. We typed them up, cut the into squares, rolled them up, and taped them off with some cute washi tapes. We love our Weck jars, so we created a pretty little container for the love notes by adding copper vinyl to the side of the jar saying “50 things we love about you”. To top it off we added a gold heart to the lid. We are a very sentimental bunch, so needless to say the jar was a total hit with our lovely Lia! This gift was so easy to put together and it really is a great way to give someone the appreciation they deserve. Because we loved this gift, we wanted to give you, our readers, the chance to make your own version for someone that you love. Our “50 things” worked well because it was Lia’s 50th birthday, but writing down 50 things you love about someone is great for any birthday year, anniversary, or holiday gift. This is an ideal gift to give as a group because you can combine forces to make this really special, which is why the graphic says “things we love about you”. In case you would rather give the gift by yourself, we have also included a download that says “things I love about you”.

Below is the download for the “50 things” graphic plus the cute heart that you can add to the top of your jar. Both the SVG and PDF file have customizable numbers, so you can decide how many “things” you want to include. To edit the SVG file, upload the file into your Design Space. From there, hide the layers of the numbers you will not be using, then click Go. This will take you to the canvas, where you can drag the numbers inside of the graphic. Simply cut this on vinyl in a color of your choice and stick it directly onto the glass. To edit the PDF file, download and install the free font Majesti Banner. The PDF includes a graphic with a charcoal background and white text as well as a teal background with white text. Once you have edited the version of your choice, you can print it onto full-sheet label or sticker paper and cut out the graphic to stick onto your jar. I hope this can inspire you to have a beautiful and sentimental celebration of your own for someone special! ~ The Lia Griffith Team 

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