Star Shaped PiñataShining Stars

Piñatas are classic party decor that will never go out of style. The great thing about them is that you don’t have to fill them with candy in order to enjoy them. Sometimes it’s better just to make them as hanging decor for a themed party! And if you don’t break into them, you can reuse them for future events as well. With Fourth of July in mind, our maker Jessica created this adorably festive star shaped piñata collection that you can craft up for some patriotic decor. Use this technique to make star piñatas that fit tons of different party themes! 


  • Balloon Pump
  • Metal Ruler and Cutting Mat
  • X-acto Blade
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutteres
  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun


  • Americana Tissue Paper (link in Shop this Project below)
  • Star Balloon
  • 20 Gauge Steel Wire
  • White Twine 
  • Newspaper
  • Wheat Paste
  • Blue Paint (to match tissue)
  • Mod Podge Glue


  1. Gather tools and materials listed above. 
  2. Fill balloon using pump.
  3. Tear newspaper into strips and mix wheat paste according to the package instructions. 
  4. Dip newspaper in wheat paste, sliding between fingers to remove excess, and lay on top of piñata in overlapping strips. It’s helpful to have a few long strips that wrap all the way around the balloon as a framework. 
  5. Cover the entire balloon with strips.
  6. Allow to dry (use fan to speed drying) and apply a second layer of newspaper strips. Apply three layers if you will be removing the balloon (you will only need to remove the balloon if you are filling the piñata with candy). 
  7. Optional: if you are filling the piñata with candy, cut a slit to pull out the balloon, then cut a flap in the side of the piñata. 
  8. Cut off balloon end and cover area with strips. 
  9. Allow to dry and paint to match the color of your tissue paper.
  10. When dry, flip and paint the second side. 
  11. Use x-acto and straight edge to cut four sheets of tissue into 2″ wide strips. Fringe in stacks using scissors. 
  12. Brush Mod Podge on the edge of the strips and attach to the piñata so that the fringe hangs loosely. In some areas it’s easier to brush Mod Podge directly onto the piñata and set strips on top.
  13. Push wire through the tip of the star arm and form a loop for hanging.
  14. Cover the tips of the piñata with fringe first, starting from the top with small strips and working your way down.
  15. Continue attaching strips until they meet between the arms.  
  16. Cover the front of the piñata with strips, starting at the bottom.
  17. Repeat on opposite side.
  18. Create 10″ long tassels follow our tutorial here. Arrange tassels onto a piece of string at desired length. 
  19. Use yarn needle to pierce two holes on the bottom of the piñata and thread string through, securing with a knot. 
  20. Arrange tassels so that they are stacked, concealing tops and string. 

Follow our photo tutorial below for a visual guide to making a star shaped piñata. 

Styling Ideas

Piñatas are meant to hang as statement pieces at your celebration, and we recommend using fishing line to string them up. It will be strong enough to hold the star, and the invisible line will make it look like the stars are gently floating in the breeze. The tissue tassels are optional of course, but we think they add a nice touch to the look. If you want to continue the theme with your star shaped piñata, you can add a quick-sew star garland as the tail instead.

More Inspiration

As your gear up for your Fourth of July celebrations, be sure to read our list of our favorite easy DIY Fourth of July decorations that you can make for the occasion. Check out our heart shaped piñata for a similar project to this, or tell us your project suggestions in the comments below! We would love to see your crafty makes, so be sure to share your photos with us and tag us in your Instagram posts. We may just repost your photo as part of #LiasFridayFeatures! If you’ve been curious about what empowering your creative side can do for you, head over to our membership page to learn more. See you there! ~ Lia & Team 

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