Fishing_Game_For_Kids_DIYNow that we’ve given you the steps to makingย felt fish, next up are these DIY toy fishing poles. It was fun photographing Oscar and Lukas playing with the game. You can see the delight on their faces. I will not lie, I did have to dodge a few flying magnets as they decided to practice their fly fishing. You can see the step-by-step details on how to make these rods below. The materials are simple and include felt, embroidery thread, filler, macrame rope, a 48-inch dowel and a strong magnet “hook”. The pattern for the felt pieces is available to download at the end of the post. We added a lot of little details to our rods as they will not only be used for the game but will also be part of the new decor in the boys’ bedroom. I am getting quite excited to share the reveal of this room and more of the DIY details throughout the month. Enjoy! ~ Lia