Tropical Paper Chandelier

Tropical at the Top!

Want to feel fancy but also like you’re on a faraway island? Mix elegance with tropical by crafting this gorgeous paper chandelier! Ideal for brunch parties, bridal showers, and for any summer barbecue, you’ll want to save this particular project for any fun in the sun.

What’s surprising about this craft is that it’s simple to make! Gather the tools and materials, then download the PDF or SVG templates. Follow our step-by-step instructions, either below in the photo tutorial or as a downloaded PDF. Happy crafting!

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  2. Gather tools and materials.
  3. Cut two dowels to 24″, cut another two to 16″.
  4. Place the two 24″ dowels across from each other 15 inches apart, then place the 16″ dowels on top laying across the 24″ dowels on either end.
  5. Use hot glue to hold the dowels together at each corner, then secure them by wrapping string around them in a figure eight.
  6. Tie a 2′ string to each corner.
  7. Tie all 4 strings together at the top for hanging, check that it is hanging straight.
  8. Cut out the flowers according to template notes.
  9. Curl the flowers using the curling tool.
  10. Glue the flowers into shape.
  11. Glue a leaf onto the backside of some flowers.
  12. Cut ten 24″ pieces of string.
  13. Tie a knot at the end of the string.
  14. Thread a flower onto the string facing down.
  15. Tie a knot 2″ above the flower.
  16. Thread another flower onto the string, repeat until the string is filled with flowers. Repeat steps 12 – 16 with all 10 strings.
  17. Use wire to attach live greenery around your hanging centerpiece, then add your flowers.

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