Vegetable-Enchiladas-Mole-Sauce-Gluten-FreeOne of my favorite ethnic flavors is Mexican food, especially when it includes a variety of herbs and spices. Mole sauce, pronounced mow-lay, is on the top of my list for its complex and layered flavor and is almost always my first choice at any Mexican restaurant. Though the traditional mole sauce you will find in central Mexico takes hours, if not days of slow cooking, I have found a quick recipe that is also very delicious and calls for second helpings every time I make it for guests. Many versions of mole, though not all, do include cinnamon and chocolate, as does this recipe. Here is how I make my mole sauce for these oh-so-yummy vegetable enchiladas. Of course, you can always add some chicken to the vegetable mix if you prefer.



Vegetable-Mole-Sauce-EnchiladasFor my enchiladas I made a double batch so that I could bake the second half for my vegetarian sister and her kids for their visit to Portland tomorrow. This is a family favorite for us and we serve it with Mexican rice, black beans and some home made guacamole. Ummmm, I am getting very hungry! ~ Lia