In keeping with this series’ theme, we chose this piece for its beautiful fall colors. True, autumn brings to mind burnished coppers, reds, and golds — but we can’t leave out all the rustic greens and browns the season brings as well. I love how simple our layered papercut projects are, and this piece is no exception. Once everything is painted and cut, it’s very easy to put together.

We chose watercolor as our medium because it looks beautiful and lends itself really well to a project like this. Don’t worry if some of your colors blend together or your painting isn’t exactly precise — let it be wild and organic — just as nature intended. 

I think this layered watercolor oak and acorn art would be picture-perfect as an accent piece in your kitchen or breakfast nook, but it really fits in just about anywhere. Show us your masterpiece in our crafters’ community or share it with the world on Instagram. Be sure to tag us with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.