Ecuadorian roses are known for their larger buds and blooms as well as the wide variety of colors they come in. They also last longer than your typical rose. In this case, our Ecuadorian roses are made out of paper, so they can last forever if you want them to! If you want to learn how to craft these beauties for your paper flower bouquet or centerpiece, watch my quick video tutorial below.

Elegant Ecuadorian Roses

I went with an off-white, pearly color for my frosted paper Ecuadorian roses. Using frosted paper also gives these flowers some shine. Between the color and the type of paper, these flowers will look really elegant on their own or as part of an arrangement.

However, one of the fun things about crafting is that you can play around with a DIY idea and make it your own! These roses come in so many different colors and color combinations. So really there are endless possibilities for what your rose could look like.

Just gather the tools and materials below. Then download the SVG file if you have a cutting machine. Or download the PDF template if you’re cutting your roses by hand.

Once you have everything ready to go, watch my video tutorial below to see how I put everything together. If you make these roses, I would love to see your version! Make sure to post them on Instagram and use the hashtag #MadeWithLia (or tag me) so I can see them. Happy crafting! ~Lia and team

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  • Text Weight Paper — Stardream Metallic Opal and Fairway

How to Make Frosted Paper Ecuadorian Roses

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pearly off-white Ecuadorian roses and fresh greenery arrangement
pearly off-white frosted paper Ecuadorian rose
pearly frosted paper Ecuadorian roses and fresh greenery arrangement
off-white frosted paper Ecuadorian roses with stems on table with ribbon and scissors
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