Washi Tape NotebooksConfession time. I am addicted to washi tape. Not only are the pretty colors and patterns a pull for me, but it is also the fun projects I see that are waiting to be created with this pretty tape that have pushed me into the state of obsession. I am very lucky to have Collage, a local craft supply store in my neighborhood that has a washi tape obsession equal to mine. For those of you who don’t live in Portland, my second favorite source is Cute Tape and her online shop. You can also find washi tape in most craft stores. So today we are using the washi tape to create these adorable notebooks and to cover classic orange/yellow pencils. This project is just in time for your back to school shopping. I found the pencils and small notebooks in the dollar bin at Target. For my notebooks I used a lot of variety of tapes, but you can easily create a cute design by coordinating 2 or more colors and patterns. Check out my step-by-step tutorial below then join me in my washi tape obsession. Cheers! ~ Lia

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