Floral Mailing Labels

To edit these labels, first download and save the file to your computer. In order change the text, you will also need to download the free font Nilland Extra Bold (this is the same font that is used in the floral wreath baby announcement). After you customize your floral mailing labels with your personal details, you can print them onto 8.5 x 11 full-sheet label paper. Instead of trying to find a label paper with perfectly sized labels to match these, you simply have to cut out each label from the full sheet. If you are sending a pretty card to a loved one, why not also use our pretty matching floral envelopes? You can find the printable envelopes in this post, or find matching envelope liners in this post. Print the liners and envelopes onto regular white printer paper so that they are easier to fold, or print the envelope onto card stock if you are looking for something that will be more durable to send through the mail.

Use these floral mailing labels to send special notes and cards to loved ones, for party or special event invitations, or just because! If you are looking for other printable floral mailing labels, check out this post. I love receiving pretty little notes in the mail, and I know your friends and family would too! ~ Lia 

Floral Mailing Labels Floral Mailing Labels