Citrus Gift TagsToday we are sharing our printable gift tags that match yesterdays printable wrapping paper in watercolor citrus fruits. Warm tones of coral, lemon yellow and orange have been used to create 6 mix and match gift tags that can be printed at home. There are 3 designs for the bottom layer of these printable gift tags and three designs for the top layer. Download the PDF below, print them on to white card stock and trim the size. Use a circle punch to pop a hole in the tops of the tags and tie them together before securing them to your gifts. We like to use striped twine for our gift tags which you can find in all good craft stores.

Hop on back to this post for the printable wrapping paper in that delicious citrus fruit design, then take a peek at our gift wrapping section for heaps of inspiration for creative gift wrapping – enjoy! ~ Lia

Free Gift Tags