You can use any sort of specialty paper for these wheat candle wraps, but we used some of our favorite gold text weight metallic papers. Playing off my favorite fall color scheme, we made candle wraps in copper and rich golds. Download the SVG cut file below to use with your cutting machine. To create an abundant look perfect for fall, we wrapped our candles three times with the wheat design. Each wrap will use one sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. The number of times that you wrap the paper around the candle of course depends on your preference and how large your specific candles are.

You can secure the ends of your wraps together using an adhesive roller or a glue gun. Make sure to stagger the wheat stocks when you are wrapping your candle for the full look. Once you add your wheat candle wraps, you can wrap some twine around the center bands for a rustic twist. Tie a bow or a knot, it’s up to you! When your candles are ready you can display them as a simple centerpiece on your dining room table or sprinkle them around your living room or mantel. Our wheat candle wraps look especially great as Halloween or Thanksgiving decor. For more inspiration check out all of our DIY home decor projects.  Enjoy! ~ Lia & team