These DIY Easter eggs are just one example of all the wonderful projects that you can make with your kids.

To make this project, you will need eggs, acrylic paint, and various colors of card stock. We went with a pastel color scheme, but you are welcome to use any colors that strike your fancy. First, you will need to paint your Easter eggs. We used cotton spun eggs for our project because we wanted to make sure they would last for a long time without getting rotten. Of course, you can use real eggs for this project if you want to be able to eat them. Using some teal, pink, and light brown colors, we covered the eggs in paint. We did just one coat of paint for our Easter eggs, but this project would also work by dying your eggs.

While your eggs are drying, you can begin preparing your card stock pieces. It is hard to believe that almost all of the facial details of these eggs were made using Fiskars punches! We placed all of our Easter eggs on cute grass-shaped bases, which were made using Fiskars border punches. Just punch out the shape that you want, and the form the base by hot gluing the ends of the card stock together. For the full tutorial please visit Fiskars. Use their 1/8″ circle punch for the animal eyes and rosy cheeks, and use a larger sized circle punch for the bear’s nose. The white faces of the fox and the owl were cut with the heart-shaped punch. After you punch out the hearts, you can use your scissors to trim the face into a more rounded shape. Semi-circle punches are wonderful for little bear ears, and petal-shaped punches are the perfect shape for fox ears. Too cute! The teardrop-shaped punches are what really bring this project together. Add a tail to your fox and make layered wings for your owl! To complete the chest of the owl, we punched three shades of teal card stock using one of Fiskars patterned border punches. After you have all of your shapes punched out, you can simply attach them to your eggs using a low-temp hot glue gun. Make sure it is low temp–this makes it safer for kids to use.

This project is a wonderful activity to plan with the kids. Fiskars punches allow them to use their creativity and imagination to make any animal they dream up! These punches are such a safe alternative to using scissors, and your kids will love playing with them. Head over to their website to browse their entire selection. Happy Easter everyone! ~ Lia

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