Felt_Pet_StockingsIf you are anything like me, my pets are like my kids. I know, pretty sappy. Of course if I am making stockings for the family then the pets should have one too. Right? We have designed a set of pet faces that are mix and match so you can make your own dog or cat from wool blend felt and they can each have their very own stocking. How cute is that? All of the felt for these stocking are from Benzie Design’s Etsy shop. She carries a huge variety of lush wool blend felt that is so fun to work with. You will find the pattern for the stocking as well as all of the animal face variations below at the end of the post. Just click the button and download. For these stocking you will will need your selection of felt. The stockings can be made from 2 pieces of 12×18 felt. You then need ribbon for hanging loops, black beads for the eyes, tiny jingle bells for cats, embroidery thread for mouths, cat whiskers and to sew on the eyes, sharp craft needle, a hot glue gun, scissors and pinking sheers for the stocking edges. You can follow the step-by-step tutorial below to see how I made this set. Come back tomorrow for our kid’s set of stockings. Cheers! ~ Lia

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