If you are thinking about crafting a trinket dish, there are so many great DIY choices. If you have a sewing machine, you can make these clothesline mini bowls and customize them with paint. For a modern look, you can craft this leather jewelry dish. Or pick one of these pretty clay bowl projects to decorate your surface and hold your treasures. Our newest mini bowls to add to our collection are these easy-to-craft woven bowls made with macrame cord and cotton string or floss.

handwoven mini bowls

You are quite the dish!

These soft woven bowls are great for beginners and would be a fun project for kids that are comfortable using a needle. Along with a macrame cord, you can use a colorful cotton string to form the basket or a piece of full-string embroidery floss. For both of these thicker strings, we find using a needle threader is an easy way to prep the needle. Take note that in the video below, at the two-minute mark, we show how to begin another piece of string once you have reached the end of one string.

A set of these soft, pretty woven bowls makes a lovely gift and can be customized in any color palette. Though, I also can see them in a child’s play kitchen along with their play pantry of felt food.

Here are the three sizes of the bowls we made but know that you can make yours larger or even smaller.

  • Small mini bowl: 3.75 inches across. Made with 8 coil base plus 8 coil wall for a total of 16 coils
  • Medium mini bowl: 4 inches across. Made with 12 coil base plus 8 coil wall for a total of 20 coils
  • Large mini bowl: 5.5 inches across. Made with 16 coil base plus 8 coil wall for a total of 24 coils

Skill level: Beginner

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woven bowls
handmade woven bowls
DIY woven bowls
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