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Easter is on its way and we have just the project for you. This woven paper basket with Easter grass is a great place to keep your sweets and treats. Whether you hide your baskets or put them on display, this one will certainly wow on Easter morning. We’ve included instructions for both the basket and Easter grass below. All you have to do is gather the tools and materials and hop to it! 

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For the Basket:

  1. Gather the tools and materials.
  2. Cut the paper according to the template notes using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Fold the paper along the score marks.
  4. Glue 5 of the 8” strips of paper along one edge of the square paper, space them a 1/4” apart.
  5. Repeat step 4, continue gluing 5 strips of paper to each edge of what will be the baskets base.
  6. Glue 4 of the 9” strips together, glue the tab of one strip to the end without a tab of the other .
  7. Weave the strips of paper you just glued into the strips you glued to the base, alternate in front and behind each strip then glue into place.
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 spacing each weaved strip 1/4” apart.
  9. Cut the embroidery hoop in half.
  10. Wrap yarn around the 5 inches in the center at the top of the hoop.
  11. Use hot glue to glue each end of the hoop to the basket.
  12. Glue a 1”x 2” piece of felt over the end of the hoop to help secure it to the basket.

For the Grass:

  1. Measure and cut the foam cube to fit your basket and desired height.
  2. Cut paper according to template notes.
  3. Fold paper along score marks.
  4. Curl the grass using the curling tool.
  5. Cover the foam cube with paper.
  6. Glue four grass pieces that have not been scored around the outside edge of the cube.
  7. Glue the grass to the top of the cube spacing it about a 1/2” apart.
  8. Cover the entire top of the cube with grass.
  9. Place the cube of grass inside your easter basket and hide your eggs and candy inside. 

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