Pom Pom MonstersOur newest feature on the site is Craft School, a friendly resource for learning new DIY techniques and refining your crafting skills. The instructional videos are broken up into course series so that we could cover multiple skill levels for each subject. We are hoping to cover all sorts of topics, from materials like felt and crepe paper to techniques like sewing and DIY jewelry. One of the subjects that we are starting Craft School with is kid’s crafts. And here is our introductory kid’s craft: yarn pom pom monsters! 

The only materials you need to make these yarn pom pom monsters are yarn and felt. Grab scissors, a hot glue gun and an extra large pom pom maker out of your crafting toolbox and you are ready to start the project. Find the full list of tools and materials (with links) in the Craft School pom pom monsters lesson here. There are lots of types of yarn out there, but I recommend using acrylic yarn for this project. There is no need to use high quality wool yarn for this simple kid’s craft! Cotton yarn is also a good option for this project, it just depends on the look you want to create. Looking at our photos, all of our pom pom monsters are made with acrylic yarn except for the gray monster. Our gray character is made out of cotton yarn, which is a bit droopier than the others to match his silly eyes and teeth. 

Watch our Craft School video below for the instructions to create your pom poms. Once your pom poms are ready you can add the monster faces. Print the PDF pattern and use this template as a guide for cutting your wool blend felt pieces. Mix and match the facial features to create your own variety of characters! Pom pom monsters are a great activity to do with your little ones because the materials are completely safe and the project encourages creativity. If you want to explore more pom pom possibilities, be sure to check out our pom pom farm animals. Share your pom pom photos with me on Instagram using #DIYDreamingWithLia, I always love admiring your work! Browse all of our Craft School courses and feel free send in requests for lessons that you would like to see in the future. Enjoy! ~ Lia 

Pom Pom MonstersPom Pom MonstersPom Pom Monsters