yarn tassel wall art and garland
Tassels Without a Hassle!

Get creative with yarn and try our yarn tassel wall art and garland! We used yarn in wine, currant, red and blush colors, but feel free to use a color selection of your own design. Gather the supplies and craft along with our step-by-step photo tutorial for tassels without the hassle today! 




  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Wrap the yarn around the 6” piece of cardboard forty times.
  3. Cut a piece of yarn and thread it through the wrapped yarn, then tie it tight.
  4. Take the yarn off of the cardboard, then cut the bottom of the tassel.
  5. Cut a six foot piece of the white cord.
  6. Place the tassel unfolded under the white cord.
  7. Fold the tassel over the white cord.
  8. Tie a twelve inch piece of yarn around the tassel just below the white cord.
  9. Wrap the yarn around the tassel and tie it into place.
  10. Cut the yarn loose at the top of what you first tied.
  11. Make twenty tassels and space them evenly along the length of the white cord.
  12. Fold the end of the cord back an inch, then wrap yarn around the cut end to hold the loop in place.

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