Farm Party Wagon RidesWelcome to the farm! Yesterday I joined Lisa Frank in hosting this last-days-of-summer Farm Party. I have so many gorgeous photos of the party that I am going to share it in three parts. First you are seeing the games. Tomorrow I will post the adorable food table with all of the farm inspired details. I will then show you dining table and craft table to inspire your next birthday party. I will also sprinkle in tutorials for some of the projects as well as sources.

As you can clearly see from these photos, the kids had a blast! They were loving every game and when given their feed sack goodie bag upon arrival, all voluntarily wore their orange bandanas. The games included a hay ride in the wagon, a pin the tail on the donkey game with magnet tails, a horseshoe tossing game with bean bag horseshoes made from felt, felt stick ponies to ride and a hay bale horse with a handmade stick horse made by my sister from upcycled wool. Here are my favorite moments from this section of the party. I will share sources at the end of the post.

FarmPartyFeedBags FarmPartyHayRide FarmPartyPinTheTailFarmPartyHorseShoesFarmPartyPonyRidesFarmPartyFeltPoniesFarmPartyHorseRide

BURLAP FEED SACKS: This is a DIY project that I will share in tutorial form this week. FARM ANIMAL COOKIE WRAP & GAME SIGNS: These will be in my printable party kit. ORANGE BANDANAS: Source here. WOOD RAIL WAGON: Source here. FABRIC BUNTING: Made by Lisa Frank. PIN THE TAIL GAME: Will be in the printable party kit. FELT HORSESHOES & FELT STICK HORSES: Felt from Benzie Design on Etsy and I will give you the pattern and tutorial in an upcoming post. WOOL STICK HORSE: Made by my sister, and she will be offering this on Etsy soon.

See y’all tomorrow for more farm party photos and crafty tutorials! ~ Lia