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DIY Crepe Paper Gardenias

DIY_Crepe_Paper_Gardenia Ahhhh, the gardienia. I remember back in my 20’s when I was working as a designer at a well known golf resort and the flower department (how luxurious is that) placed a potted gardenia plant on my desk before it was in bloom. Within a few weeks my office was full of its soft, inviting fragrance. That is my first memory of gardenias. Since then, I have used gardenias at my former flower shop in wedding bouquets, for Mother’s Day and other special occasions.

Gardenia blooms, though they smell oh-so-delightful, do have a very short life especially once picked. Though this crepe paper version is fragrance-free, sadly. . . it will last forever and can be used and enjoyed again and again. For these blooms I used the white Italian crepe paper from Carte Fini for the blooms and a dark green for the leaves. I used the 180 gram crepe which is the heaviest though a lighter weight crepe will work well too. Below you will find my step-by-step tutorial for these flowers and at the end of the post is the PDF printable for the pattern. I have some fun new too. . . Carte Fini and I just filmed this tutorial last week and will be sharing it with you as soon as it had been edited. Stay tuned for the video tutorial! ~ Lia

Crepe_Paper_Gardenia_Bouquet Gardenia_DIY_Crepe_Paper Paper_Gardenia_DIY CrepePaperGardeniaTutorial GardeniaButton

  1. Hi Lia, what hot glue gun do you reccomend using? Mine should be put on display in a museum because it is so old and I’m considering getting an upgrade for making my wedding flowers. Thanks!

  2. Lia what’s the technique for curling the floral wire for the corsage or topper? Do you share an example in any video?

  3. Hi Lia! Beautiful gardenias! What color green did you use from Carte Fini? I’m having trouble finding a color that looks right!

  4. These paper gardenias are the cutest ever! Thanks for the tutorial, I’m going to try it ASAP!

  5. Absolutely genius! Love! Thanks for sharing!

  6. These gardenias are stunning! So beautiful!!!

  7. Dear Lia! You are so gifted! Im sooo in love with your work! Im a flower-lover from Dominican Republic, and its so hard to find some flowers around here, that’s why I’ve become obssesed with your ideas and I thank u so much for sharing them! Lots of hugss from a Dominican FAN! XO

  8. Just made my first Gardenia …..Just love it and going to make as many as supplies allow . Will post picture when I have a bunch . It was very straight forward to make although need to perfect my leaf x

  9. Love this flower and just downloaded pattern and as a reward for doing my housework will make it when I am done .
    Thanks once more for sharing

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