Crepe_Paper_Ombre_Garden_RosesI am loving working with Italian floral crepe paper to make new flower designs. The crepe stretches to form petal shapes and ruffled edges giving the paper flowers a luxe finish. It has been several years since I designed the rose pattern for the printed and metallic paper version that are quite easy to make and so popular for DIY weddings. I knew it was time to design a crepe version and it was during my morning walk with Enzo (my dog) that I decided today’s rose needed to be the full bloom garden variety I was seeing in my neighborhood yards. The paper I selected is the pink salmon ombré that Carte Fini supplies. I used two colors of green, sage & green leaf. Again, the Italian floral crepe paper is a thicker version with more crinkles therefore has more stretch than a craft crepe. You can try this pattern with any variety or color of crepe and it will no doubt be beautiful. Order a roll or two of Italian crepe paper and make this gorgeous rose bloom with me. Below you will find the step by step tutorial and the printable pattern for this luscious garden rose. Enjoy! ~ Lia

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