Crepe Paper Garden RosesAs you have probably noticed, ever since releasing our extra fine crepe paper line I have been working on a ton of new crepe paper flower designs. So far I have shared the Juliet roses, Icelandic poppies and crepe paper peonies. Today I am very excited to share my newest design for gorgeous blooming crepe paper garden roses. This was a design that I was just fiddling around with one night and the bloom completely came to life. With this garden rose, I wanted to create some depth in the blooms by also adding a little variation in crepe color as I built them out. Let’s get started!

Garden roses are beautiful because they can be made is any color. For these photos I made a bouquet of white crepe paper garden roses and a bouquet of red blooms, but they would also look gorgeous in Honeysuckle, Coral and Blush. If you want to make these ombre versions, choose Vanilla and White for the lighter roses or Cranberry and Sangria for the darker bouquet. We also used a mix of Cypress and Green Tea for the leaves, but it would also be worth playing around with some of the double sided green crepe. And don’t forget the floral tape! Once you have your materials ready, print the PDF template below.

Cut the template pieces and use them as a guide for cutting your crepe. As always, cut the crepe with the grain, as indicated in the template. Next, follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below or download the printable instructions. These flowers are beautiful for home decor or wedding decor. A bouquet of white crepe paper garden roses can easily work as a stunning bridal bouquet. If you want to learn more about crepe paper as a crafting material, be sure to check our Starter Page out.

Crepe Paper Garden RoseCrepe Paper Garden RosesCrepe Paper Garden RosesCrepe Paper Garden RosesDSCF0816Paste RedRose

I would love to see any of your crepe paper garden roses, so please share your photos with me! You can share any of your projects on Instagram using #DIYDreamingWithLia, or use #CrepePaperRevival specifically for your crepe creations. Feel free to write in with any suggestions for flowers that you would like to see in the future, or head to our membership page to start downloading. I hope you enjoy! ~ Lia & teamSave