How to Use SVG Cut Files

New to the world of Cricut? Have no stress! We’ve created a FREE downloadable guide of the best tips and tricks for using our SVG files for Cricut. Download a PDF of the steps with helpful photos or see below. Happy crafting!


Scroll to the bottom of the project post to find the files for the project. Click and download the SVG file. You will be downloading a compressed (zipped) file.


Unzip the Zip File (Mac)

In your downloads folder (or whatever location you saved the file), double-click the compressed (zipped) folder to unzip it. The compressed SVG file will extract in the same location as the zipped folder by default.

Unzip the Zip File (Windows)

Right-click the compressed (zipped) folder. Select Extract All from the menu. By default, the compressed files will extract in the same location as the zipped folder, but you can click the Browse button to select an alternative location.

Check the Show extracted files when complete option. Click Extract.


Log into Design Space and create a new project to open a blank canvas. Click Upload in the panel on the left side. Click Upload Image.


Your SVG file is now uploaded into Design Space and will now appear at the top of Recently uploaded images. Select your new image and click Insert Images. Click Browse and select the SVG file you want to upload, or drag-and-drop from your finder window containing the file. Click Save to finish uploading your file into Design Space. You can rename your file or add tags for easy searching later if you want.


Your SVG file will now appear on your blank canvas with multiple selectable layers in the right panel. By default, the file is correct to scale with the project it is associated with. Resizing should not be necessary unless you want to make it smaller or larger than our project. To prepare for cutting, UnGroup all of your layers while having the group selected. This will allow you to individually select each layer.

Hiding Layers

Click on the eyeball icon to hide a layer. All SVG files from our website will have a layer with a disclaimer. This layer also might have information about the project file, such as the location for grain lines when cutting crepe or what setting to cut the material on. Hide this layer before cutting.

Setting Score Lines

Score lines will be indicated with solid black lines in the file, if applicable. Click on the scissor icon for the layer and then Score from the new window that pops out (the Layer Attributes panel). The lines will change to gray dotted lines.

Attaching Score Lines

For score lines, you will want to attach the lines to the layer you want the machine to score to hold it in place for cutting. Select the score line layer, and while holding the Shift or Command key, select the cut layer to attach it to. You can also click and drag around the image layers on the canvas. This will highlight both layers. Click the Attach icon at the bottom of the layer panel. The layers will now be grouped together at the top of the layers panel.


Now you are ready to hit that big green Make It button in the upper right of your project canvas! You can also save your project first by clicking Save so that you don’t need to set up your file and all those pesky score lines again.

Design Space will sort the images by color onto 12×12 mats. The images shown on the mat will cut exactly as they are arranged. Here is where you would rearrange your images if needed to better fit on your mat or the material you are cutting. If you want to cut more than one image, input the amount in the upper left and click apply. The mats will update to reflect the change across all of them. You can also change the Material Size you are cutting from the drop-down menu on the left. We changed it to 8.5 x 11 inches to use with text weight paper. The Mirror option is for cutting out designs for iron-on vinyl.

You’re Almost There!

To rearrange images on the mat, click an image on the mat to select it and move it around. You can rotate the image by selecting the circle arrow on the upper right, or move it to another mat or hide by selecting the three dots in the upper left. When you are ready to cut, click Continue in the bottom right.

Select the appropriate material setting using the dial on the machine or the drop-down menu (Cricut Maker only). We recommended setting it one level higher than the material you are using. Follow the on-screen prompts for loading and cutting your mats.



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