Crepe Paper PeoniesPeonies are a very special flower to me. They seriously make my heart smile. They have a short bloom cycle that starts in late spring and ends in early summer, so you really have to appreciate the fleeting season! Sarah peony blooms in particular are bursting with gorgeous petals, just like our delicate Juliet roses. The downside of paper flowers is that they cannot capture the incredible fragrance that these beautiful flowers have. But the upside is that you can have paper flowers around regardless of the season! If you are longing for peony season and can’t wait until it rolls around next year, I would definitely recommend making a bunch or two to keep around the house. And it goes without saying that crepe paper peonies also make for perfect wedding flowers!




Our crepe paper peonies have about 50 petals in total. There are four different sizes of petals included in each bloom, which adds to the voluminous variation. Step 1 for making these gorgeous flowers – choose your materials! We made our leaves with Juniper, and wrapped the floral wire with our green floral tape. Our photos feature blooms in Honeysuckle, but peonies would also be stunning in Blush, Coral, Chiffon or any other light color of extra fine crepe. You will also need a bit of the buttery Chiffon color for the centers of the peonies. Print the PDF template below and cut out each piece to use as a guide for cutting your petals. I like to stack the crepe so that I can cut 6-8 petals at a time. Follow our step-by-step photo tutorial as you craft your crepe paper peonies. Members can also print the downloadable instructions with the template! Browse our other crepe paper flowers for inspiration to use this fabulous material, and stay tuned for my new crepe paper garden roses and dahlias. I’d love to hear about any paper flower projects that you would like to see on the site, and please don’t hesitate to share your project photos with me on Instagram using #MadeWithLia. Head to our membership page to start crafting with us – everyone can use some crepe paper peonies in their lives! ~ Lia

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