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DIY Eat Cake Party Banner

DIY Eat Cake Sign Today’s post is in celebration of this blog’s 1st year anniversary! Whoot Whoot! It has been the best year, and the busiest year of my work life. So let us take a moment of pause the busy blogger schedule to eat cake! This fun eat cake party banner was a suggestion of a reader who wanted a few more glitter signs for her wedding to match the Mr. & Mrs. and love banners from these earlier posts. I loved the idea and wanted to share it with you too. This is not only perfect for a wedding cake area, but how cute would this be for any shower or party. I am thinking of using it in my kitchen for a little decor too. The pattern is ready for you to download in print by using the button below. I printed it onto an 11×17 inch paper and spray mounted it onto a piece of foam board. I then used a craft knife to trim the letters out of the foam and removed the printed template. One little tip is to keep your blade fresh. The foam cuts so much easier with a sharp blade. For instructions on adding the glitter you can use this post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Glitter Party Sign Eat Cake Glitter Sign Gold Glitter Eat Cake Sign EatCakeButton

  1. Is there a way you could make a template for table numbers that matches this style? Getting married in May!

  2. The “eat cake” project is a lovely idea! Thank You.

  3. Just a year? Wow…you are absolutely fantastic at what you do Lia! Congratulations and here’s to many more lovely milestones in the future.

    And I love that banner:-)

  4. Oh, happy 1st anniversary! You have a lot to be proud of on here!

  5. You’ve only been doing this a year?! Could have fooled me. Thanks for bringing so much loveliness to the web and congrats on your anniversary! I’m on board for however many more are to come…

  6. Happy first Anniversary Lia, may God give you lots of years of success.

  7. Congratulations Lia!! You are an inspiration. And I would think that your blog is older than one year since it’s so professional and well put together.
    P.S. My two year old loves to watch your videos of the making the light feature and the birds, etc.

  8. Congratulations Lia on your 1st blogaversary. I love following your blog x

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary. I can’t believe it’s only been a year, your website is so professional and beautiful! I love getting your newsletter and checking our your pretty things!

  10. Happy 1st Birthday, Lia. Love your posts

  11. You deserve all the success and further. 
    You are a lovely person, for the dreams that You have divided with us, thank you. Divide is multiply happiness. You do it!
    Thank You again. Congratulations.

  12. Happy, Happy 1st! As active and “busy” as you are on your blog, I thought you must have been blogging much longer than a year! You seem so comfortable in this venue! My sincere congratulations! You are so very talented—Martha had better be looking over her shoulder to see who is nipping at her heels! You are next in line… :)

  13. Congratulations, Lia!!

  14. Congratulations on your 1st!! Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us on your 10th !!

  15. LOVE it! Congrats on a great year…you are one hustlin’ and hardworking lady! Now, since you’re off gluten and sugar, I’m pretty sure you need me to come over and eat up those delicious treats! :)

  16. love love love! can’t wait to see more wonderful everything from you this year! HAPPY 1ST!!! :)

  17. Wow, one year already! Congratulation for having such a beautiful and creative blog! I always look forward seeing what new creations you have dreamed up. I enjoy the addition of Food Lover Friday too. I wish you many more years of success and look forward to what the future brings.

    • Thanks Cathy! Good to hear that you like my Friday posts. I don’t consider myself a food blogger, but I do love to cook so I thought I would just share my favorite gluten free recipes. I am having a blast with it. :-)

  18. Your styling for this post is just exquisite and delicious, Lia! Love it!

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