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DIY Felt Flowers

DIY Felt Flowers Felt Flower Gift Topper Felt Flower Bracelet Felt Flower Shoe Toppers Making the woodland felt puppets a few weeks ago reminded me to how much I love working with felt. I have had this super simple felt flower idea swirling in my head since that post so I am sharing it here with you today. This flower is so easy to make that you can use it as a craft project for kids. These felt flowers make a great gift topper, a colorful bracelet, a sweet flower to decorate your hair or to clip onto your shoes for an extra touch. The sky is the limit, so keep a few around in your favorite colors to accessorize any summer outfit. You can download and print my felt flower template. I like to print it onto a card stock so I can reuse it for future flowers. You can follow the tutorial below for this fun little craft project. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Felt Flowers Felt Flower Tutorial FeltFlowerButton

  1. Thanks so much for tute and template!

  2. Hye Lisa.

    I’m from Malaysia. I’m also love to make crafts. Your website help me a lot! Thousand thanks & visiting your page everyday is a must! :)

  3. Thanks over and over! I am wondering/pondering either adding these to my origami bouquets OR making them out of a soft linen-like paper?

  4. I just LOVE this flowers!!!!!! they look just BEAUTIFUL in any color, absolutely simple to do… they are just perfect!!! <3 <3

  5. Is amazing, you make it like if it was simple. Lia, I wrote you a message trought facebook, could please read it? 😀

    Thanks from spain, hugs :)

  6. Hi Lia,
    I always know where to go when I need a pattern or idea!! Thanks and keep up the great work.

  7. Hi Lia. Love your website and your gorgeous creations. Would you mind if I put a link on my website to your blog or website?

  8. wow these look great! I love the ones on the shoes and on the tray :)

  9. Such an awesome tutorial. Loving the idea of making felt flowers for giftwrapping. Sure beats the usual ribbon idea and that extra bit special knowing it is DIY.

  10. These are lovely! I’ve been making hairbands for my 4 month old daughter and this is the best tutorial I’ve found. Thank you so much!

  11. As usual I love these. Is this any special kind of felt because the colors are so intense?
    Thanks and keep the fabulous ideas coming.

  12. Such an adorable idea. I love crafty ideas like this, but just cuz I love it doesn’t mean it will turn out like this. Thanks for the tip and wish me luck.


  13. Love these so much to use as hair pieces for my daughter! Thanks for sharing. Where do you get your patterns for the flowers and leaves?
    Thanks again.

  14. ty

  15. So stinking cute and easy! Thanks for the tutorial! ~M.

  16. I’m going to make these soon…they are so cute!!! Thanks!

  17. Everything you do is breathtaking with easy to follow instructions. Thanks over and over! I am wondering/pondering either adding these to my origami bouquets OR making them out of a soft linen-like paper?

  18. Beautiful! I’ve made many like these and they are quite addicting.

    Is this project what you were going to the fabric store for? :)

  19. I love putting flowers in my daughter’s hair and these are perfect! Thank you for sharing!

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