DIY Felt FlowersFelt Flower Gift TopperFelt Flower BraceletFelt Flower Shoe ToppersMaking the woodland felt puppets a few weeks ago reminded me to how much I love working with felt. I have had this super simple felt flower idea swirling in my head since that post so I am sharing it here with you today. This flower is so easy to make that you can use it as a craft project for kids. These felt flowers make a great gift topper, a colorful bracelet, a sweet flower to decorate your hair or to clip onto your shoes for an extra touch. The sky is the limit, so keep a few around in your favorite colors to accessorize any summer outfit. You can download and print my felt flower template. I like to print it onto a card stock so I can reuse it for future flowers. You can follow the tutorial below for this fun little craft project. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Felt FlowersFelt Flower Tutorial