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DIY Organic Lip Balm

DIY Organic Lip Balm A while ago I started the process of making my own lip balm. It fits right in with all of my bath and beauty product being natural and organic and I love that it can so easily be handmade. After experimenting with a few variations, I have come up with my personal favorite blend. Of course you can adjust to make it fit your preferences. I do add just a little color to mine with a natural color stick. You can also use pure mineral powder blush or a touch of your favorite lipstick color. Remember that the yellow of the olive oil will change the color a bit. If you replaced the olive oil with all coconut oil, you would be able to get a clearer pink. I like the added olive oil so I don’t mind. Another option for those who are allergic to coco butter is lanolin. I will be trying this in the next batch and will report how I like it.

Lip Balm Ingredients ORGANIC LIP BALM
2 teaspoons of organic beeswax1.5 teaspoons of organic coconut oil
1.5 teaspoons of organic coco butter
1 teaspoon of unrefined shea butter
4 teaspoons of organic olive oil
optional: natural color and/or pure essential oil like mint or orange for flavor

Melt all ingredients in a double boiler. You can use a metal bowl and small pan of water if you do not have one. Whisk as everything melts. Be careful to not overheat and remove once the beeswax has become liquid. Pour into tubes or pots using a plastic funnel.  Allow to cool and cap when filled. Add your custom labels.

How to Make Organic Lip Balm I have also prepared these kraft paper style labels just for this project. Just download them onto your computer. Install the free font Quicksand Bold and open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. You can change the flavor if you need and add your own “made by” and ingredients list. Print these onto a full sheet label paper and trim rounds with a 1.5 inch circle punch and the squares with a craft knife. Important note: When printing the PDF make sure you print FULL SIZE rather than the default FIT PAGE. This will make your labels too small. Enjoy your silky lips! ~ Lia lipBalmbutton

  1. where can I buy these little tin pots? I’ve been looking all over

  2. Hi!
    I just made a batch of the lip balm and love it! Now… What kind of (sticky) label paper do I use to print the labels? I haven’t found any that has both circular and rectangular labels on one sheet, so do you actually cut and glue every single label?? Thanks!
    Also, I found a tube filling tray at Bulk Apothekary that makes filling up to 50 tubes a breeze. I got 8 tubes out of the recipe. :)

  3. Hi! I found your label printable and was wondering if it’d be okay to link to your post for the label tutorial?

  4. How many tubes of lip balms will this fill? And do you know the shelf life?
    (I’m using my phone to read your blog and my screen is small, sorry)

  5. Hi Lia, I ran into your blog while trying to track down ingredients to make my own lip balm for the first time. I love how simple and pure your recipe is with out the artificial stuff which others use. I actually had couple questions for you.

    I saw this blend for lip balm somewhere for shea butter, an essence oil, avocado oil, and pumpkin seed oil. I was wondering if you knew and if I can somehow mix it into your blend without the essence oil. There are so many different types of oils to use and is olive oil better?

    The reason I am asking this is that I’m allergic to bees wax, sensitive skin, and have really chapped lips to the point of cracking. It started to crack couple years ago and have not found a solution for it. Do you have something to substitute beeswax or can I eliminate it out of the recipe.

    I found this shea butter and was wondering if you’ve used this one of heard of it:

    My apologies for the long email and all these questions! I would love to hear back from you!

    • Hi Joanne! There are sooo many wonderful natural ingredients out there and I love shea butter and avocado oils. I have yet to try pummpkin seed, but am sure it has wonderful qualities. I think you could mix your favorites in for sure. I love olive oil but equally love coconut and other oils. For the lip balm I feel the coconut is the magic ingredient. As far as the bees wax, certainly don’t use it if you are allergic. The reason for it is to hold the shape of a lip balm stick. If you can use little lip balm pots rather than sticks you could get away with no bees wax. Shea butter is not quite as stiff, but with the right mix you could have a nice soft balm.

  6. Just a thought but you could always infuse some calendula in the oil (3-4 wks) before you make the balm for those with chapped lips and skin. Calendula is know to be a natural herb that helps speed healing and nourishes skin. It’s also gentle enough for babies and helps with inflammation.

  7. Hi – you have a beautiful blog. I can’t wait to get on a desktop to look around more. What size labels do you use for your jars & lip balms & where do you buy your blank labrls.? I’m really struggling to find my label source. (Found all kinds of printable but need the blanks)

    I also need to find a label design I like for my products – can you suggest a program/template I can use to design my own?

    Thanks Tina

    • Hi Tina, thank you so much I am happy you found me:) I get my labels from World Label (Avery also has them) but I always print on a full sheet and then use a hole punch to cut them out. I can never get the pre-sized to line up and then my design end up being off-centered;-)

  8. Where did you get your tubes for the lip balm?

  9. Hi, I was wondering what color you used for the Well People blush stick. :)
    I can’t wait to try this lip balm!!

  10. Hiya! :) I have a couple of questions, which color did you use for the blush stick? Also was it matte or luminous? One last question, how much of the color did you use to get the color that you got for your lip balms?

    • I used a color stick from Well People, but you can use any mineral powder or any other makeup to color your lip balm. I used about 1/4 tsp for a pale pink, and you can add as much as you like to get the color you desire.

  11. Is there some additional oil or other product i can use in place of the cocoa butter? I am all out currently but have every other ingredient and i’m dying to try this recipe asap!! :)

    • I LOVE this lip balm! It is my favorite. You can skip the cocoa butter and add jut a bit more bees wax to balance out the liquid versus solid. Make a small test batch first. :-)

  12. Hi, Where did you get the “natural color”? It doesn’t have a link in the recipe and the picture is not clear enough to read the label.

    • It is a natural makeup line called Well People that sells a blush stick but you can use any natural mineral based blush or makeup.

  13. Hi Kia. I’m just about to make some lip balm as a giveaway to the new mums I hope to meet at a show I’m doing on Sunday. I make baby accessories using natural yarns. I hope you’ll let me use your labels but my own words?

  14. I LOVE this!!! I make my own Lavender lip balm and give it to friends and teachers. I have been looking for a file FOREVER that is classy. I also make a sugar scrub. I know it is asking a lot, but…. would you/Could you make a label just like this for the short half pint Ball “mason” jars? I would LOVE for my scrub and lip balm to match

    • I can do a custom label in my Etsy shop. Just send me a note over there. Also, I have the whole spa kit with matching labels, but it doesn’t say sugar scrub. Worth looking at though.

  15. I have tried the Burt’s Bees brand lip balm, but cannot handle the taste. Is it the beeswax that has a taste to it? Also, i use a lip scrub from Mary Kay, which I love, but is so expensive. Do you have a recipe for something like that. I have very dry mouth problems, so it really helps exfoliate weekly.

    • I don’t care much for the Burt’s Bees anymore now that they sold to the big boys. I LOVE my lip balm but it does have a cocoa fragrance which you have to like. And I do. The texture is silky and smooth. . . a little glossy too. It seems since I started using it I have no lip dryness anymore. For the lip scrub I use my sea salt and coconut oil every week on my face and lips. I don’t mind the salty taste and know it helps pull out any extra toxins too.

  16. I have super chapped lips and try to use only the best stuff on them. This might just be the trick! Thanks for sharing all the info :)

    • I LOVE this blend for my lips and I am pretty picky about what I use. This is a little glossy (which I like) but you can add more of the hard oils if you prefer a less glossy look.

  17. Lia, where can I buy the cocoa and shea butter ? I cannot seem to find them in my local stores. Thank you !

  18. At what step do you add the color?

  19. what about the expiration date? for how long it works?

  20. Love everything you do! Can you tell me where to find the pots?

  21. How many tubes or pots does your recipe make?

  22. How many tubes needed per batch?

    • For this post I made 3 pots and 2 tubes. I am thinking since the tubes take a lot less you could get at least 8 from a batch. My next version will be tubes only, so I will keep you posted.

  23. Love this! Where did you buy the tubes? Were they easy to fill?

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