Home Paradise

Crepe Paper Heartleaf Philodendron

 Beginner  30min

VIDEO: Cardstock Paper Philodendron

 Beginner  30min

Leather Jewelry Dish

papercut cockatoo tropical art
 Beginner  30min

Papercut Tropical Cockatoo Artwork

 Beginner  60min +

Felt Pineapple

macrame wall hanging with wooden beads
 Intermediate  60min

Cord & Bead Macramé Wall Hanging

paper passion caladium plant next to empty pink vase and candle
 Beginner  30min

Paper Passion Caladium Plant

 Beginner  --

Paper Pinstripe Plant (Calathea Ornata)

 --  30min

Honey and Ginger Salt Scrub

Tropical Party Decor

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