As promised, here is our full leaf paper philodendron to go with our split leaf philodendron! While I love the more tropical look of the split leaf, the full leaf philodendron is a classic house plant that always looks great incorporated into any style of decor. Just as with the split leaf, we used two colors of green metallic paper to create some interest and depth in our paper philodendron. And the best part is that these plants will never die, and you will never have to remember to water them! Which make them the perfect plants for me…;-) 

Begin by downloading the template below. Use the PDF if you are cutting by hand, or the SVG if you will be using a cutting machine. Gather your rest of your materials, which include the paper (find links in Shop this Project!), 20 gauge floral wire, green floral tape, a terra cotta pot, fake moss, and a foam ball that fits inside of your pot. Putting this potted plant together will require the same technique as all the potted plants in our series. Cut your leaves, then fold them to create creases along the designated score lines, which resemble the veins of the plant. Next, use a white art marker to add a bit of color to the veins. We used Winsor and Newton’s pigment marker in White, but any art marker will work well. Then, use the edge of a pair of scissors to curl the leaves down at the sides. Now your leaves are ready to attach to floral wire. Use hot glue to secure the wire about an inch above the base of the leaf, where the bottom of the leaf meets the stem. Wrap floral tape around each wire starting at the base of the leaf. 

I love the simple look of the paper philodendron in a classic terra cotta pot, but the pot can also be easily personalized with some craft paint or spray paint! Place your foam ball into your pot and use your fake moss to cover the ball. The last step in making the paper philodendron is to stick the floral wire pieces into the foam. Arrange the leaves randomly for a realistic look! Check out the other plants in this series to make a whole set of potted botanicals. The paper fern, snake plant, and house plant are all adorable pieces easily used as decor accents or handmade gifts! Follow our projects on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for daily DIY inspiration and always feel free to send us project suggestions. Enjoy! ~ Lia  


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