Paper House PlantThe next potted plant in our potted plant series is this whimsical little house plant! It was tough to come up with an accurate name for this project because it came right out of our designer’s imagination. Our designer Jessica put this paper house plant together in her free time, and the whole office fell in love! It is just so cute and we knew we had to share it with you all. While the paper fern and snake plant were both beautifully realistic, we love that this cutie looks so cartoony and fun. It almost looks like it could be a cactus, but not quite. The point is to explore your own imagination with this project! 

Begin by printing our template below. Use the PDF to cut by hand or the SVG to use with a cutting machine (if using the SVG, make sure to change the cut line for the vein of the leaf to “score”!) We used two shades of text weight green metallic papers for our leaves (find the links in the Shop this Project section!). This paper house plant uses the same technique as our other potted plants. Head down to your local craft store to pick up some floral wire, a foam ball, fake moss, and a terra cotta pot (ours is 4 inches tall). After you have your leaves cut out, use a hot glue gun to attach some floral wire to the bottom stems. Place your foam ball into your pot and cover it with moss. Then, all you have to do is stick the floral wire stems into the foam ball! Get creative with your arrangement. The more random your placement the cuter your paper house plant will look!  

Do you have any suggestions for which potted plant we should do next? Write them in the comments below or send them into! These potted plants are so cute to use for easy office or home decor, little centerpieces for special events, or as party favors. How adorable would it be to paint these pots with chalkboard paint and write newlyweds’ names onto it with table numbers at a wedding? There are so many options for these wonderful little pieces of greenery! Enjoy ~ LiaPaper House Plant Paper House Plant Paper House Plant

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