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Easy Spiral Paper Rose Centerpiece

Rose Tree Centerpiece Here is a fun paper project that is not only simple to make but looks elegant and lovely when finished. This is a great DIY project for wedding reception decor or to decorate any elegant party. I can even see this spiral rose branch used in styling a little girls room or to decorate your office desk. You will just need a tree branch for each piece, paper and the materials to create a base for your arrangement. In the tutorial below, I give you the step-by-steps on how I created this centerpiece. There are many variations, the one constant being the spiral roses. You can free form cut your spirals in any color or use the template I have provided for you at the end of this post. My one hint is to use a text weight paper rather than the heavier card stock. This will let the spiral form and curl with ease while still holding the finished shape.  Enjoy! ~ Lia

Spiral Rose Centerpiece Tutorial spiralrosebutton

  1. Hi Lia,

    I’m going to make 3-4 of these centerpieces for my wedding this Spring! The twig you used in the picture looks store bought (it looks glossy) — I like it. Where did you get it?


    • I got it at a floral supply store, but you can find good twigs, dry them and paint them with mod podge to give them a clean look. Also I love using manzanita branches since they are naturally glossy.

  2. So happy I came across this. Makes me want to have an intimate dinner party for my girlfriends just so I can make it as part of the table setting and they can ooh and ahh over it.

  3. this is a wonderful project that I will truly make and put it in my new apt. I am truly looking to trying all of your projects that you have shared with us. Thank you so much you are so gifted.

  4. Eu moro no Brasil. Adorei. Super fácil

  5. Its amazing! I will try it! :) Thank you for your blog, I am happy to found it! :)

  6. That is so sweet, and so easy. I have done something similar before, using a branch from a tree in our local park, and just glueing on small bought flowers. It really does brighten up a room, and of course, you can tie it to the seasons, or to specific holidays during the year. With your flower tutorials, even if we don’t get them exactly the same, they still look good. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow Lia – really beautiful! Can you share what kind of branch that is? Did you find it or buy it from a floral supply company (I can never find ones that pretty!) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Where did you find such a nice branch to use? I love how smooth and shiny it is! BTW…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!!

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