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French Inspired Printable Gift Tags and Colorful Gift Wrap

French Gift Tags Gift Wrap French Gift Wrap Gift Tags Today I am sharing printables for these French inspired black and white gift tags and two very colorful gift wraps. I love the contrast of black and white with the bright colors and thought this set would be a great mid-summer inspiration for you. Here is the background story of these designs. A year ago in June, my daughter, Emily turned 18. She wanted a birthday brunch where I would make her favorite quiche and mini blueberry cheesecakes, so I decided to go with a French cuisine and therefore a French inspired design. I created these tags and wrap for all of her gifts and to decorate her birthday brunch. The tags included a few of our favorite quotes and touched on the connection we had as a solo parent and only child. I included 18 paper poppies for her 18 years, since poppies are one of her favorite flowers. I used them to top gifts and decorate the party. It is a sweet memory for me. . . and my baby is now an adult. Below is a collage of her lovely turning-of-age birthday brunch. At the end of the post you can download the tags and the gift wrap to create your own set of sweet memories. One last thing. . . for those who want to tie perfectly straight and pretty bows like you see in these photos, you can refer to this video tutorial. Cheers! ~ Lia

Birthday1 Birthday3 Birthday2 Birthday4 GiftTagButtonGiftWrapButton

  1. Love, love these tags and the gift wrap. Going to use gift wrap printed on card stock for back ground paper for something I’ll frame, Making little something for hubs for Father’s day. We do things for each other instead of buying gifts we can’t afford. I get what I want and so does he with more meaning. Hope he’ll like what I’m making for him. Happy days Lia

    • I used one of these prints for fabric and framed it with vintage seed packets. SOO cute. I want to see photos of how you use them.

  2. Thank you Lia so much for the beautiful tags and the paper. It is so sweet of you to share these gorgeous downloads. Love your site too.
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I just found your website through Pinterest and love everything I have seen on here so far. I guess I could spend hours on your website alone. LOL Printed out a calendar and some gift wrap so far. Can’t wait to get back to it and see what else I want. Thanks so much for sharing. You are now on my favorites and on my Pin it list. I hope you have a great 2014.

  4. I just found your website and am very happy about all these beautiful freebies! The gift tags are a blessing for the upcoming holidays :) Maybe it would be interesting to you to know that in French, the “vous” is very formal, for someone you call Mr, Mrs, Miss. For someone close to you it would fit better to say “toi + moi” :) (hope it’s okay to say that like this?)

    • Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. I won’t change it since it is an older post and already out there in the world. I guess that is the formal tag. Haha.

  5. Lia – I am a new follower of your blog and I must tell you that I absolutely LOVE your style and your printables! I intend to make my holiday decor and gifts around them this year, so thanks for the inspiration. I’m planning on creating a holly leaf and berries cutout and combine it with the poinsettias for a garland. (And I just love your name!)

  6. Prettiest set of gifts ever! I also love the tags, thank you so much!
    (Found you on Pinterest and re-pinned.)

  7. Your daughter is beautiful. So pretty and sweet looking. What a wonderful Mom she has also. You are so generous how you share your talents with us. I’m sure anybody that comes on your blog appreciates your talent and generosity. Happy days

    • She is a sweetie. Of course we had our tough teen years, but she matured into a lovely young lady. Now I am completely excited about being a grandma! haha.

  8. Thank you so much for the free downloads, I love all the darling little tags. I was looking at some of the flowers to download next.

  9. Gorgeous – love the combo of bright and celebratory yet a little bit grown up. Perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Thank you Lia! These are beautiful and most helpful!

  11. LOVE!

  12. Thank you…lovely & nfun

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