A Few of Our Favorite Things

Bows are classic gift toppers, and just like the song says, brown paper packages tied up with string are a few of our favorite things! We always like to add a creative spin to something ordinary (like gift wrapping!), and there are plenty of ways that you can get unique with your bows: paper bows, felt bows or bows with papercut details. But above all these, nothing beats a gorgeously tied bow with a quality ribbon. A few years ago, I shared my technique for tying the perfect bow in this video. Now I am following up just in time for Mother’s Day with a tutorial on how to tie a Tiffany bow.

The Tiffany inspired bow is different from my “perfect bow” in a couple of ways. With a Tiffany style bow, you will wrap the ribbon in both directions on the box. This allows the ribbon to sit flat on the bottom – no crossed knots will be getting in your way of stunning gifting! Plus, learning how to tie a Tiffany bow will no doubt impress whoever is receiving the gift 😉


Learn to tie a Tiffany bow by watching our video tutorial below, and feel free to reference these written instructions as you go!

  1. Measure your ribbon equal to 5 lengths of the longest side of your box.
  2. Turn the box so the folded ends run vertically.
  3. Measure a width and a half and hold it against the center of the box.
  4. Wrap the long end of the ribbon around the rest of the box, keeping the short end toward you.
  5. Place a finger in the center and fold the long end down toward you to create a right angle in the center of the box.
  6. Wrap the long end under and around the box vertically
  7. Bring it over the top of all the ribbons at the center point tucking it back under through the bottom right hand corner and out the top left hand corner. Tighten and straighten the ribbon.
  8. Turn the box 90 degrees so that the ribbons come out of the right top hand corner and bottom left hand corner.
  9. Wrap the bottom left ribbon around your thumb to create a loop, then wrap the top ribbon around that loop. This should create another loop for you to tuck that top ribbon through.
  10. Gently pull the loops into a bow, adjusting to make the loops even and the knot centered.
  11. Fold the ends of the ribbon in half lengthwise and trim away the folded corners diagonally.

Strut your Stuff

Are you proud of your new Tiffany bow tying skills? Let us know! Leave feedback in the comments below, or share photos of your crafting successes on Instagram using #MadeWithLia. Browse all of our unique gift wrapping ideas, or visit our membership page to become a part of our community of creatives. For more video tutorial goodness, head over to our YouTube channel. We can’t wait to see what inspires you! ~ Lia & Team