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Holiday Gift Wrap: Chalkboard Christmas

Free Chalkboard Gift Wrap Printable It is the first Monday of November already! How did that happen? I will start the week on a personal note. First of all, thank you. . . all of you who sent me words of encouragement and cheer last week. It really touched my heart in a deep way and reminded me why I love blogging. To inspire and be inspired. . . priceless. I feel energized, excited and ready to kick things up a notch with a flurry of great projects. My daughter and I even decided to head to Amsterdam for Thanksgiving week. This will be our first trip abroad together, so I am quite looking forward to it. (Please share your Amsterdam recommendations and tips if you have them).

For those who followed me from my former blog, you all know how much I love gift wrapping and Christmas gift wrap printables. I have already started the “2013 collection” with the chalkboard foodie gift tags and I plan to build a whole set on that theme, in addition to two other looks. This weekend I went wild with my font love and designed a chalkboard greetings gift wrap, a chalkboard holly berry wrap and a coordinating holiday stripe. These can be printed onto 11×17 text weight paper for your small and medium gifts. One sheet is perfect to wrap a book. I am finishing the designs for Spoonflower so they can be ordered as full rolls and will let you know when they are available too. In the meantime, this freebie version is ready for you to download and print! Enjoy! ~ Lia

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  1. I’m having a ball creating greeting cards that utilize your printable gift tags. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I love you work your ideas and imagination,it’s seem so funy and easy,I follow you from French.Good luck,and thanks to share with us all this

  3. Is the wraping paper available on Spoonflower?

  4. Thank you so much! You are so talented!

  5. Absolutely love the chalkboard paper! So obsessed with all things chalkboard. Thanks so much!

  6. how Do we find your designs on spoonflower?

  7. New fan via The Savvy Photographer. I love your work! Have you set up with Spoonflower to have these printed in full rolls yet? I don’t have a large printer, but would love to wow my friends with these.

    • I am working on that. I am soooo busy so it keeps getting pushed, but as soon as I finish my repeats I will get them onto Spoonflower. I love those guys!! :-)

  8. Christmas in my in box. Thank you!

  9. very very beautiful!!!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing – I love these!

  11. These lovely printables put me in the holly jolly spirit! :) I love these and the labels you shared. Thanks so much!

  12. Love this gift wrap. It is beautiful!

  13. Lia, Thanks so much for the amazingly beautiful gift wrap.
    When I download one of your freebies that I love SO much I’m always thinking that you won’t be able to top this one for sure, but you have a way of doing just that. You’ll do it every time. You have most definately been blessed with some unique talents girl. Thanks for all you so graciously share with all of us.

    Charlee R.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing all these lovely goodies!!! I took my kids to Europe quite some time ago; we went to London first, then my son had to come back to the States because of college. My daughter and I went on to Holland, mainly for the purpose of seeing where my father had been buried there when he was KIA in WWII. I had some letters and names, etc., of a family who had tended to my fathers burial site – making sure the lawn was mowed, etc. I had called them several months before to tell them who I was. It was a poignant trip. The people were really nice and took us to the American Cemetery near their town. We went in Feb and it was cold, wet and snowy! Didn’t get to see much of the beautiful flowers they are known for! Have a great time!

  15. Thank you! It’s lovely…

    Here are a few tips for Amsterdam;

    – make sure to visit the 9 straatjes. It’s a small neighborhood of 9 little streets with the nicest stores.
    – visit the BLOND amsterdam store (Gerard doustraat 69) the cutest tableware in Holland
    – For special dinner, visit MOMO – Hobbemastraat 1. It’s hip and happening and a little bit expensive but soooo worth it!
    -make a cannel boat trip, choose a time when it’s getting dark, you’ll love all the lights!
    – enjoy al the beautiful musea; anne frank huis, van gogh museum, rijksmuseum and make sure to check the website of foam to see if there’s a nice photography exhibition.
    – take a walk trough the Vondelpark!
    – check to see if there’s a nice event, like a outdoor movie.

    Of course check the lonely planet… but I tried to list a few of my own favorites! Just enjoy… it’s a beautiful city. If you have any questions just send me a mail!

  16. Amsterdam is my and my husband’s favorite city. We always recommend seeing all the “touristy” things on a first visit. Since you’ll be there for a week, you have plenty of time to more thoroughly see the city, so please invest in at least a 3 day travel card. When you come out of Central Station, first breathe in deeply. I love my first sight of the city, even though there is Metro construction ongoing. Look to your left. The VVV(tourist bureau) is located there in a little white building. You will find all sorts of help there as well as being able to buy your transportation passes. Taxis are expensive, and the public transportation is excellent. Stay off bicycles unless you’re used to riding one regularly. Even then, you need to know the rules of operating a bike on the roads. They can also help with arranging lodging if you haven’t already done so. Maps, city guides, and other English language books may be found in the attached bookstore, but there are a lot of free ones there. When you go in, take a number and wait . In November, the lines move rather quickly. While you’re waiting in line, strike up a conversation with anyone. The good news for English speakers is that nearly everyone speaks English; it has become the de-facto lingua franca, so getting information is easy.
    A really good online site to explore is the site. So much helpful and accessible information.
    Last year when we went at Thanksgiving the weather was mostly wonderful, but it rained a bit and we needed our warm coats in the evenings. When we were there in June, it rained and was cool, so as you can tell, bring your umbrellas. We’ll be there at Christmas time; I can hardly wait!

    • You are a regular then! Thanks for the great advise. I am lucky that I do have a friend there to help a bit as well. I am getting so excited!!

  17. Marvelous!!!!!!
    I do love your work.

    Be happy always and go ahead!!!
    Peace, peace and peace………

  18. Hello lia!

    Follow your blog almost everyday! You have inspired me to decorate my house. Love your posts. You are very generous!! God bless you lia!! Ah….do you have a dyi on how to make paper christmas trees?

  19. Thank you! These are beautiful!

  20. Gorgeous! Thank you for always being so generous with your talent Lia.

  21. I’m so excited for you, what an incredible trip to take with your daughter. Be very glad you can travel. I used to go with hubs when he was over road trucker and saw good deal of US and Canada. I miss going so much. Give me half an hour and I’m ready to go. I’d sure love to travel to Europe, especially England, Wales, and Ireland. Enjoy yourselves. The only way I’ll see Amsterdam is by watching House Hunters Int’l on HGTV. Better than nothing tho. There have been a couple of episodes in Amsterdam.
    Thanks so much for the incredible gift wrap. I’m not sure how I could print out the 11×17 but maybe I can print out 2 – 8 1/2 by 10’s and put them together. Will have to see. Thanks so much for your generosity. Happy week

    • Thanks! I am excited to see new places with her. You can print them at a FexEx office or a place like that. And you can print smaller. Laser works better since it is a lot of ink coverage.

  22. These are so lovely……..thank you so much!

  23. They all look so pretty!

  24. These are great! Thank you :) I love the chalkboard paper with the white flower!! Question – when you say ‘text weight paper’ what kind is that? I noticed you say that a lot so just wondering if it’s just the card stock type or something else. That’s awesome that your designs will be sold as rolls!!!

    Have a great time in Amsterdam :) sounds like you’re getting back on track, so I’m very happy for you. I know how hard it is when something ends.


    • Yes, text weight is not card stock. It is the regular printer paper or something similar in a light weight (but not tissue) paper. So if you printed these at FedEx Office, it is the paper they have in the trays already. :-)

      I am so excited about going to Amsterdam. I am going to spend some time walking around the city with my camera and just snapping shots of the architecture.

  25. You are always so generous with your talent.
    Thank you!

  26. I love this gift wrap! Thank you so much for all of the beautiful printables.

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