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Making Paper Mums with Plum, Purple and Orange Metallic Papers

MumBridesmaidBouquet Today I am going to show you how to make the paper mums that I used for the mixed bouquet in yesterday’s post. These mums are so simple and colorful that you can make several dozen to use throughout the summer and fall for your party decoration, gift toppers or for wedding flowers. In the photo above you can see how beautiful a bridesmaid bouquet can look made from metallic paper mums. Below is an example of a centerpiece using the mums and a simple terra cotta pot. Making a paper flower hair clip or corsage is an easy added touch and these flowers work so well as gift toppers or napkin rings. The sky is the limit. For these blooms I used metallic letter weight paper that I found at The colors are, Mandarin, Mars, Bloom, Punch & Violette and the leaf is made from Botanic. There is something about the metallic paper that adds a luxe look to the flowers that I just love so investing an a few packs of your favorite colors could be a great addition to your craft supplies. Just use the template I have provided below for your trim outline then follow my easy step-by-step tutorial and you will have a handful of blooms in no time. Enjoy ~ Lia

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  1. I went to the website for the paper you are referring to. Please forgive me as I am so new to this. When you say letter weight paper how heavy is it? I noticed the website had so many different types and brands. What exactly did you use?

    • Look for text weight paper, I used metallic paper. The colors are, Mandarin, Mars, Bloom, Punch & Violette and the leaf is made from Botanic.

  2. I love tutorials. Thanks very much!

  3. Hi….you have great tutorials=)
    for beginners can i use all these templates on normal printing paper or cardstock? or which paper u recommend?

    • I recommend the normal paper not card stock since it does not curl as nicely. These are really good ones to start with as they are pretty simple to make.

  4. Beautiful flowers!!

  5. What a beautiful project! I am looking forward to doing this project and teaching it to my cub scouts for a mother’s day project!

  6. I am so excited to try this one. My paper order comes tomorrow, and while I’m sure I will not get the first few right, I’m hoping they turn out well enough to use for my SIL’s wedding in October. These are so beautiful, your eye for the colors is just so spot on for a fall wedding!
    Thank you so much!

  7. THE most amazing DIY I’ve seen. I’m a bride on a tight budget and these paper flowers saved so much on decorating without skimping on cute details. Plus, I wasn’t too fond of using real flowers; killing them for one-day use type of thing.

    And this idea made me realize we had a built-in theme on using paper – already planned paper boxes for the party favors, paper lanterns for ambient lighting, so why not paper flowers :).

    This is such an amazing idea. Thank you!!

    • Oh my! I want to see photos when you are done. I love the idea of a paper themed wedding.

    • Make sure and check out the other paper flowers too. I made bouquets with quite a few and also showed ideas on how to make corsages and bouts. The possibilities are endless. Maybe invest in a Silhouette cutting machine. :-)

  8. Love all you stuff. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I always get an error message when I go to print templates, and I get blank pages.

    • I just checked it and it takes a minute to load. Not sure why but on my browser I see a round scrolling image until it finally loads. Give it a try again just waiting a little extra for to load. Let me know if this does not work.

      • Thanks for responding, it does load and I see the images but when I print the pages are blank.

        • Try saving the PDF onto your desktop rather than printing from the browser window. If that does not work, maybe make sure you have black ink in your printer? I just downloaded and tested it again and it seems to be working for me.

  9. Thank you for you lovely tutorials! It is so generous of you :)
    What sort of thickness do you recommend for your flower projects?
    Thank you again :)

    • You are so welcome! You can use the letter weight paper. Card stock does not shape as nicely. and the letter weight gives plenty of hold.

      • Thank you so much. But could you please tell me more or less what your regular paper weight is in the US because it may not be exactly the same here in Portugal.

        • What I used is 80lb text (120gsm). I don’t think it needs to be specific weight, but something other than a heavier card stock. Test a few and find one that you like best.

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