I have been focusing so much on crepe paper flowers since the launch of our extra fine crepe paper line that it feels like I have not designed a new text weight paper flower in ages. Paper chrysanthemums are a perfect flower to start the season, as they generally bloom in late summer and early fall. Mums come in all types of colors and they are a beautiful burst of color to round out the summer season. There are many varieties of the bloom, and I have designed paper mums and spider mums in the past. My new design most closely resembles a “football” mum, plus it includes an SVG cut file whereas my previous mum design did not. To make my new paper chrysanthemums, start by downloading the PDF template if you are cutting by hand. Or, use the SVG if you are using a cutting machine.

I started with a plum and saffron color scheme, but you can choose any colors that appeal to you. I specifically wanted to create an ombre effect with these paper chrysanthemums to give some added interest, so each bloom includes two shades of each color. You can alternate each color as you build the blooms. Find the specific papers I used listed below under Materials! You will also need floral tape, 18-gauge floral wire and your trusty hot glue gun for this project. Follow our step-by-step photo tutorial for a visual guide to crafting your flowers. My top tip for these is to curl your petals a bit randomly. There is no need to have all the petals curled in the exact same direction!

dscf1584Paper Chrysanthemums Paper Chrysanthemums Paper Chrysanthemums dscf2175

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Once you finish, display them in your home for the perfect seasonal home decor! Browse all of our paper flowers for more inspiration, or head to our membership page to start downloading. If you ever have requests for flower templates, feel free to email them in to us! And please share your project photos using #MadeWithLia on Instagram, I love seeing your crafting successes. Enjoy! ~ Lia