MumBridesmaidBouquetToday I am going to show you how to make the paper mums that I used for the mixed bouquet in yesterday’s post. These mums are so simple and colorful that you can make several dozen to use throughout the summer and fall for your party decoration, gift toppers or for wedding flowers. In the photo above you can see how beautiful a bridesmaid bouquet can look made from metallic paper mums. Below is an example of a centerpiece using the mums and a simple terra cotta pot. Making a paper flower hair clip or corsage is an easy added touch and these flowers work so well as gift toppers or napkin rings. The sky is the limit. For these blooms I used metallic letter weight paper that I found at The colors are, Mandarin, Mars, Bloom, Punch & Violette and the leaf is made from Botanic. There is something about the metallic paper that adds a luxe look to the flowers that I just love so investing an a few packs of your favorite colors could be a great addition to your craft supplies. Just use the template I have provided below for your trim outline then follow my easy step-by-step tutorial and you will have a handful of blooms in no time. Enjoy ~ Lia

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