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Mini Bow Rings Made from Oilcloth

DIY mini bow rings This last weekend my blogger pal Lisa from Handcrafted Parties came by to check out and test my new Cricut Explore. We uploaded my mini bow file to see if we could make a few felt bows and somehow ended up with mini mini bows. A happy accident I do think because I immediately saw them as cute little bow rings. I made a set of these bow rings from the oilcloth leftover from my two zipper bag posts. The Cricut Explore cuts oilcloth very well. With some silver elastic and hot glue, I have a colorful and fun accessory. I have been wearing a few the last few day and even had my nails painted to match! More fun projects coming up on new ways to use Cricut Explore.   ~ Lia

Mini Bow Rings Oilcloth Mini Bow Rings

  1. Just got my Cricut Explore. Would love to have the template for this tiny bow.

  2. I would love to make a few mini ring bows.they look awesome

  3. I would love the templet for those bows. I too do not have a machine but you said they could be cut by hand. Thanks for such a great idea.

  4. I would love this cut file. We have a family wedding this year and these would be perfect for all the fun events. Thank you!

  5. Brilliant! I love those happy accidents when you happen upon a whole new idea. This one is pretty awesome!

  6. I was looking for this nail color too. What brand and color is this please?

  7. Cute idea!
    Check out
    for the best selection of oilcloth!

    • Thank you Anna!! I have been hunting for online sources and am so happy to find your shop!! I will be tagging it in future oilcloth posts. You are selling my favorites.

  8. Thanx so much for sharing these with us. I’d love to have the printable template to make some for my little nieces who will go mad for them. In fact, my youngest niece turns 4 in mid-April so would make a great additional gift. Thanx again.

  9. I LOVE the rings!! How did you make them? Would love to make them myself!

  10. So cute!!! Would Love to see the template! Thanks so much! : )

  11. I love them!! Wonder if I could make them of leather on the machine??? Can’t hardly wait til that machine comes out! I do computer aided drafting and want a simple machine that I can use some of my own work. I would love your file for the bows!!! Thank you so much for your blog and info!!!

  12. These are adorable! Yes, please share how you made these and the mini bow template. I have a Silhouette Cameo, not a Cricut, so I may have to cut them by hand. I have been wearing a gold bow ring for many, many years on my middle finger, so you know I am already in love with bow rings! These are so cute—you are so creative!

  13. Hahaha, you actually did it! It was quite the happy accident. Yes, we need a cut file and printable template of these! They can be your Itty Bitty Bows! I still want to make some like these…what a darling accessory for grown ups and kids alike! :)


    P.S. — I had two Cricut team members reply to our felt dilemma on Instagram and I tagged you…did their tricks work?

    • I know right?! I think these would be great for little girls too and what a fun goodie bag item for a party. I didn’t see your tag. Is it on one of your photos?

  14. OMG!!! These are just the cuties mini bow ring. I would love the template, but I do not have any of those cutting machines. Thank you for sharing what you made.

  15. This is so cute something I haven’t ever saw made .Good job ,Cookie17

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