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Mother’s Day Gift Tags and Gift Wrap in Pretty Mint and Blush

Gift Wrap Mothers Day Gift TagsOf course you know I must create a set of gift tags and gift wrap for every major holiday and Mother’s Day is one of them. These pretty blush and mint tags come in three versions along with a mint polka dot bow. The gift wrap comes in three patterns all of which can be printed onto 11×17 paper. Both are available for you to download and print by clicking the buttons at the end of this post. This set is such a pretty personal touch for your Mother’s Day gifts this upcoming Sunday. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Gift Tags in Mint and Blush for Mother's Day Printable Mother's Day Gift Tags Mother's Day Gift Tags and Wrap Inspiration Mothers Day Gift Tags Gift Wrap Blush and Mint Gift Tag Printables MothersDayGiftTagButton MothersDayGiftWrapButton

  1. can I ask you, for the gift tags, what kind of paper that you use ? thank you
    I think I’m gonna use your gift tag for my friends bday present :)

  2. I am so obsessed with these! You are so talented! I love the color combinations and the floral pattern. For some reason, though, the gift tags and bow are printing in a purple color instead of the mint and pink. I even tried from a different computer and printer. Any idea how I can get it in the colors you designed? Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous work!

  3. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You are so very talented! Thank you for allowing others like me to download and use your talent :) I can’t even draw a stick figure….let alone create such beauty.
    Thanks again!!

  4. Thank you…Going to use this with my Sunday school class.

  5. What kind of paper do you print the tags on?

  6. Amazing and easy tags, even for a clumsy guy like me 😉

  7. Hello,
    I am going to try this project. Beautiful. Love the colors.
    One questions. Where do you fine 11X17 paper? I know we don’t have it where I live.

  8. Wow – wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing and making them free!

  9. I love these tags just as the gift wrap. May I ask which program you use to design them? I’m completely new to this kind of computer-related handcraft :)

  10. These are just so pretty! I love them all! I’m always amazed at your designs. They are all just gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to create them and share them with us! My mother will love these!

  11. Thanks so much – these will made gorgeous gifts!!!

  12. These are lovely Lia. Love that you’ve also done a gift wrapping paper to go with the tags…it’s a perfect set!

  13. Again, these are all lovely designs, and you are so very generous to share them with us! I love the colors you chose—especially the gray and pink floral! It is so very delicate and will be appropriate for many occasions, as will the others. This will be the first Mother’s Day that I will not have a mother to spoil. I will certainly celebrate her in other ways and in my memories of her. She was wonderful, and I miss her terribly. We need to honor our parents while we can! Thanks again, Lia, for sharing your lovely designs with us!

    • Thank you Phyllis. You and I are feeling the same hole in our hearts since this is also my first motherless Mother’s Day. I know my mom would have loved this design too.

  14. Really gorgeous!!! May I ask where you found the black and white Chevon ribbon?


  15. I adore everything you do! I am curious what kind of printer you use? My inkjet doesn’t seem to give me very good results. What would you recommend? Also, do the chalk tags print black and white, or just white on my own black paper? Again, I can’t compliment your work enough :)

  16. Hi Lia. Thank you so much for the lovely freebies that you create for us. Your gifts are a wonderful resource and much appreciated.

  17. Very pretty!!

  18. These look amazing Lia! I know my mom would love to receive a gift with these gorgeous tags. Thanks for sharing!
    – Melissa

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