Paper Flowers

 Beginner  --

Frosted Paper Xanadu Plant

 Intermediate  60min +

Cardstock & Watercolor Peperomia Plant

 Advanced  60min +

Crepe Paper Pink Dogwood Branch

 Intermediate  60min

Crepe Paper White Calla Lilies

 Advanced  60min +

Crepe Paper Zinnias - Member Make

crepe paper woolly sunflower head wreath
 Intermediate  60min +

Crepe Paper Woolly Sunflower Head Wreath

 Intermediate  60min +

Crepe Paper Monstera Leaves or Potted Plant

 Intermediate  60min +

Cardstock Peregrina Flowers

 Intermediate  60min +

Crepe Paper Jumbo Dahlia - Member Make Workshop

 Beginner  30min

Mom Floral Cake Topper

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Explore our complete collection of paper flower tutorials and flower patterns for all skill levels, including crepe paper flowers, frosted paper flowers, and tissue paper flowers. This is also where you'll find paper flower bouquets for weddings, paper plants, and paper wreaths. Each DIY project includes a template, the tools and materials you'll need, and a step-by-step tutorial. If you want to branch out from paper flowers, we also have DIY tutorials for felt flowers.

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