Printable Easter Basket Tags

easter basket tags printableEaster is my favorite holiday. . . this month. I really do love every holiday! For some reason, maybe because it’s spring, I am quite smitten with pinks and pastels. What a perfect time to designs an Easter party set just for you. I am starting with these printable Easter basket tags. You can use the button at the end of the post to download the PDF onto your desktop. You will want to install the free font Museo Slab so that your tags will match what you see in these photos. Once that is done, open you PDF in Adobe Acrobat and select the editable text to add your own. You can print these onto card stock and trim. I did make these tags large to suite the bigger baskets, and if you would like them smaller just select a size percentage in your print window. It is as easy as that. Now just punch a hole at the top and tie them onto your baskets. More Easter printables tomorrow! ~ Lia


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How can I thank you for all the adorable wonderful Easter printables? Love them all, wish I had some younger Grand Kids to give them to. Will print out couple things at least for teenage grand daughters that live locally, they seem to still appreciate things this old Grama makes for them. They’re 18 and very soon 15. I make things to give young Moms we know at Burger King. They work so hard to make life little better for their little ones. They’re always so polite and sweet to hubs and I. We’ve been named favorite oldsters that come into that store. They ask us advice and share their lives with us, makes us feel good. Our adult kids (4) are busy with their lives so it’s ok, they’re all busy raising their families and working. Happy weekend Lia, thanks for everything you share with us.

Love those! I will use them for my girls’ baskets and even forwarded to my best friend to use for her grand babies.
Lovely colors! Thanks Lia!

This printed out with download with no place to put my info on the tags, so sad. What I saw was what I got, I don’t have a Henry or Madelyn, Fortunately I have an Olivia….a tear just rolled down my other grandchildren’s little cheeks.

Cynger, these tags are editable. You need to read the instructions on how to download them onto your computer and then in Adobe Acrobat add your grandkids names to replace the place holder text. Does this make sense?

Thanks Lia – these are perfect for my 8-year old daughter’s school friends as I can personalise them for her so she doesn’t have to write all the names on (a task which she seems to find daunting even though her younger sister manages names and individual drawings for each friend with ease!). We’re all different!

Thank you for the darling tags. Does personal use include making these, blogging about them and linking to this page?

Oh these are lovely and so easy to alter and print….thank you so much for the finishing touch to my grandchildren’s Easter gifts I have learnt so much from you about gift wrapping and presentation, thank you again and again x